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Digital major donor strategy

The impact of digital on large gift giving should not be ignored – major gift donors spend time learning about the causes they support online. We have witnessed millionaires make seven-figure gifts after learning of important research through a friend’s Facebook activity, while $4 billion campaign chairs are frequently seen commenting on Facebook posts. Today’s big-gift donors are online.  Let Groundwork Digital help you find and engage them!


Multi-channel fundraising campaigns

Your email should look like your direct mail, which should look like your social media, which should look like your online giving forms …because when these channels are aligned, nonprofits enjoy as much as a 30 percent increase in fundraising across all channels. Groundwork Digital will be your e-philanthropy expert and implement a truly multi-channel fundraising program for your organization.


peer-to-peer or online ambassador fundraising

If new donor acquisition and engagement is important to you, then an online ambassador program should be one of your top priorities. From giving days to major gifts to crowdfunding to #GivingTuesday – peer-to-peer programs make fundraising campaigns “go viral.” Groundwork Digital will help you find your biggest online advocates and turn them into your most effective fundraising channel.


Online Giving Days

More than a small-gift fundraising event, online giving days have become a powerful marketing engine for your entire development program. Whether it’s #GivingTuesday or your institution’s standalone giving day, no firm has more experience orchestrating giving day events than Groundwork Digital. From social media strategy, to activating online ambassadors, to email, to live events, to direct mail – Groundwork Digital elevates your online giving day.


Groundwork Digital will help you unlock new major gift capacity through a sophisticated digital strategy. Using “social listening” we’ll inject new data sources into your major gifts program that leads to current donors giving more as well as new major gift prospect discovery.

Groundwork offers:

  • Digital-data-enhanced solicitation strategies that target what matters most to major gift prospects
  • A gift officer training program that empowers frontline fundraisers to engage donors and prospects across email, social media, and text messaging
  • Capital campaign communication plans for the digital world
  • The most innovative large-gift donor volunteer efforts in the world – major donor online ambassador programs

A “multi-channel” strategy means more than simply having multiple channels operating simultaneously. Effective multi-channel fundraising requires alignment, coordination, and careful planning across all your channels – modern and traditional. The key is having a team that is just as sophisticated on digital platforms as they are on fundraising staples, such as direct mail and phone.

Let Groundwork take the lead on:

  • Smart email campaigns that inspire new donors to give and deepen the connections of current donors with your mission
  • A peer-to-peer program that expands your message to exponentially larger audiences of potential donors all year long
  • Social media content that gets noticed and leads to donor activity
  • Managing strategic coordination across all channels – email, direct mail, phone, social, ambassadors, and events – ensuring each channel reaches its fullest potential

Online ambassador-sent emails are 312 times more effective at securing a gift than an otherwise identical email sent directly from your organization. It’s true!  According to Blackbaud, 1 in 4 emails from an online ambassador lead to a gift. When the exact same email is sent with the organization as the “sender,” that conversion rate drops to 1 in 1,250. 

Nothing encourages donors to give more than a respected connection making the ask.

But enjoying a multifold increase in new donor activity through ambassadors is not automatic. You need an experienced team guiding every step of this crucial peer-to-peer process. To launch a conversion-driving ambassador program for your organization, Groundwork will:

  • Identify hundreds (or more) quality ambassador candidates from your email lists
  • Develop an engagement plan, custom fit to your volunteer base, that ensures enthusiastic ambassador activity
  • Deploy ambassadors as part of a larger, multi-channel fundraising and content strategy
  • Keep ambassadors engaged through consistent stewardship and recognition of the ambassadors’ impact

No firm or agency has more experience launching online giving days than Groundwork Digital. Whether you’re a large-scale institution looking for a seven-figure return on a giving day or a small shop that wants to uncover 100 new donors before year’s end, Groundwork has the experience and a plan to meet your needs. 

For online giving days or #GivingTuesday, let Groundwork:

  • Map out the content marketing and promotional plan for your giving day across email, social media, direct mail, live events, and phone
  • Launch a new ambassador program or elevate an existing program to support the giving day
  • Engage major gift prospects to unlock big gifts as part of the giving day
  • Conduct a technology platform assessment to ensure your organization has the necessary tools for giving day success