Giving is down. Here is how to fix it.

“Charities are neither attracting new donors effectively, nor are they keeping them effectively, judging by the continued drop in retention rates shown in our quarterly reports...”

According to a recent Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) report, donors are giving less now than they have in previous years.

The loss of donors and interest in our missions should be telling us one thing - we are not doing the right things to engage donors.

To change this trend, fundraisers need to be spending resources differently to engage and retain donors. Consider the following stat from the Abila Donor Loyalty Study...

  • 72 percent of donors say they stop giving because of "poor, vague, or irrelevant" content.

The above statistic is another way of our donors screaming at us “TELL US A BETTER STORY ABOUT WHY YOU MATTER!!!”

But are we listening? Consider the following… So often, I talk with client partners who tell us some version of “we have a great video team!” I then ask "how many videos are you producing every year?" The answer, "about two or three."

I get it, it’s about budget and video can be expensive. But dynamic storytelling is also more critical than ever. And nothing is more dynamic than authentic, mission-focused, strategic video.

To engage and especially to retain our donors, nonprofits should be committed to:

  • One new video per week (50+ unique videos annually)

  • Video content targeted based on increasingly sophisticated segments

  • Personalized video content for leadership and major donors (Click here to watch a webinar on “Personalized, Major Donor Microsites”)

The last bullet is where your immediate ROI exists to cover the investment in vastly expanding your video output. All three bullets are the formula for modernizing your development operation and becoming an outlier organization that is growing philanthropic support for your mission.

For an example of a how video-driven, digital campaign looks in the real world, click here to read a case study on a project Groundwork Digital completed with our long-time partner, the University of Minnesota. Or, for a leadership annual giving healthcare project example, click here.

Does using a video-based strategy to secure six-figure gifts, grow the annual fund, and feed your prospect pipeline sound interesting? Then let's talk. Our firm’s mission is focused on producing video at nonprofit rates. Email me at ...and let's revolutionize fundraising together!