Four Video Concepts for Every Nonprofit

Sometimes the most daunting aspect of video is just getting started. “What do we record and share?” is the often crippling question that stops nonprofit fundraisers before they get started with producing effective, donor-engaging video.

But fear no more! Groundwork Digital is here to help you embark on the path to producing MUCH more video. (Because nothing engages a donor like good video that communicates your organization’s impact) Without further ado, here are four video concepts that can work for any nonprofit…

Surprise a donor with a stewardship package

Pick three donors - they can be donating at any level - and hand deliver to them an awesome “thank you” package. Make a sign, inflate balloons, give them a t shirt (present visuals, because video), and present this branded swag while informing them of the impact of the gifts they have given. Put a little thought into who you’re approaching. For example, this will work best with donors who are active and very “public” on social media. Record each of the “thank you” package presentations and edit them into one piece. This will provide the authentic, of-the-moment, highly shareable content you need while clearly reinforcing the impact of supporting your organization throughout the piece.

Meet a staffer

Showcase someone in your org who is responsible for carrying out your mission. It’s simple, straightforward, can be shot on an iPhone …and very subtly demonstrates the impact of your org while humanizing those behind delivering your mission.

Read your “nice tweets”

Instead of mean tweets (made famous by Jimmy Kimmel), have your fundraisers or leadership read the nice tweets (or Facebook comments or Insta comments) about your organization. Find the most kind and uplifting social media posts about your organization and record your leadership reading those tweets and comments. This is another fun attempt at creating something viral, that also reinforces the impact of your organization.

Monthly update from leadership

I know, I know - this concept isn’t exactly “imaginative,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Look at your email open rates - your supporters loving hearing from your executive director, president, chancellor, etc. Record a monthly update from your leadership and send it out just as you would any other newsletter, while also posting this regular update on social media channels. And in your first of these updates, one of the key points can be your leader talking about your organization’s new commitment to more video communication!

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